Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jack Nicholson

well i am back in action. This drawing of academy award winning actor jack nicholson from the very famous movie named ''The China Town'' was done 4months back. this was the first photo realistic work that i pulled off. The drawing took me 12hrs to complete and i used 2h,h,6b pencils for this particular drawing. according to the depth of the tonal values n flow of light, the use of pencil varies. you can choose from the hardest to the softest grade of pencils for various purposes.hope you all enjoy this work. comments and critics are very much appreciated:) hugs!


  1. this drawing is the one that catch my eyes everytime when i go thru ur drawings...its just amazing.
    i have also started learning sketchings and stuffs :D

  2. superb! it is looks like a b/W photograph! so natural!