Monday, April 5, 2010

The singer

I got this ref. picture from a friend of mine last month and it took me a total of 8hrs to finish this one. used 2b,2b,4b,8b pencils and this work was pretty fast compared to some of my other works. The main reason was there was no hair involved and that made it pretty much easy. the light and the depth of it on the mic was a tricky one and i pulled it off without making a big mess:)I used a 270gsm hand made paper from Canson and to be frank, i was upset with the paper.The ref.picture was given by another artist of greater talents emm..well that was my first impression about her and in the end it turns out that she was a fake artist!When ever i look at this picture it reminds me of that artist who fooled us all for one month.

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