Sunday, April 4, 2010

Clint Eastwood

This particular graphite work was done two months back.I was caught by the intense look in his eyes n could resist doing a Clint Eastwood graphite!! I used 2h,hb,2b,4b,8b pencils respectively n in addition i used a mechanical pencil aka clutch pencil.(which is very cheap n effective) The reason i use a clutch pencil instead of a normal wooden pencil to do the intricate works on the face n little hair strands are, they provide excellent weight balance and unlike wooden pencils, i don't have to constantly adjust the pencil to counter the uneven marks.I used a method called negative drawing to do the hair n was effective in doing so.This was my second attempt doing negative drawing. still learning the ways of pencil drawing, i'm still observing the great artists all around the world in hope of being the best one day.Comments are very much appreciated and welcomed :) more posts of similar nature will be made in future. thank u:)

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  1. man...great work !!! ur gifted with a great talent !!!!!